Montreal Amateur Radio Club


Field Day planning meeting - Tuesday, June 6, 2011

Photographs © 2011 - Vernon Erle Ikeda

This was the last meeting between the three clubs concerning Field Day.

George Hedrei, VE2NGH (left) chairing the meeting and Eamon Egan, VE2EGN.

Marc-André Gingras, VE2EVN (left) and Louis-Philippe Querel, VA2LPQ from the Concordia University Amateur Radio Club.

Malcolm Harper, VE2DDZ (white shirt) and Keith Glashan, VE2MTL.

Keith Glashan, VE2MTL and Ken Fraser, VE2KLF.

Charles E. Robitaille, VE2RFI (left), Malcolm Harper, VE2DDZ and Keith Glashan, VE2MTL.

Sheldon Werner, VA2SH (left) and Paul Iarrera, VE2OFH.

Marc-André, VE2EVN (left) and Louis, VA2LPQ.

Louis, VA2LPQ and George VE2NGH.

Eamon Egan, VE2EGN.

James R. Hay, VE2VE.