Montreal Amateur Radio Club


2005 St. Patrick Day parade

March 16, 2005

On Sunday, March 13, 2005, the 181st edition of the Montreal St. Patrick's Day Parade headed down Ste. Catherine Street and local Amateur Radio Clubs provided communications as well as manned the main communications control centre.  Many thanks to the St. Lazare Communications Group (VE2LZR), Union Metropolitaine des Sans-Filistes (VE2UMS), The West Island Amateur Radio Club (VE2CWI) and the Prescott-Russell ARES Group (VA3PRA) for providing operators and other technical assistance.

James R. Hay, VE2VE and Vernon E. Ikeda, VE2QQ operated in the control room and the following Amateurs did communications duties near the Reviewing Stand.

  • René de Buck, VA2RDB
  • François Daignaeult, VE2AAY
  • Max Davies, VA2PMD
  • Donald Devey, VA2DWD
  • Raymond Faguy, VE2SJA
  • Steven Faguy, VA2SMF
  • Claude Gauthier, VE2CGV
  • Ken Magee,  VE2EXC
  • Jean Massicotte, VE2JMK
  • Yvan de Montigny, VE2YMO
  • Stanko Paticic, VE2QXP
  • Normand Pitre, VA3NHK
  • Matt Salenius, VE2MTA
  • Frank Torontour, VE2TOR

Many thanks to the Concordia University Amateur Radio Club for allowing us to use the VE2RCU repeater as well.

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